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3 Misconceptions About Flood Insurance

Floods are without a doubt the most common natural disaster that affects us in the U.S.

Even so, 87 percent of all homeowners do not have a flood insurance policy. In high-risk areas, 1 of 4 houses is projected to flood! Even so, these losses are not covered by the usual home insurance policy. When it comes to your home and flood insurance, here are three common mistakes you should always avoid.

1. Mistake 1: Waiting

A new policy owner must wait 30 days for their policy to take into effect. So unless you want to wait with a flooded basement for 30 days (we do not recommend this even a little), you should act before it’s too late!

2. Mistake 2: Believing

Yourself to Be Above Ground (and Floods) Flood insurance is legally required with homes that are in the high-risk areas designated by FEMA. While, certainly, not all residents in the U.S. are in a high-risk area, that doesn’t mean you won’t be affected. Flash floods, tropical storms, and melting snow can all cause floods that can affect your home. Even if you live in a mostly desert-area, floods can affect you as there are some rains that only come every 100-200 years!

3. Mistake

The Earth is always changing, and, with climate change past the point of no return, expect flood zones to change frequently. It’s up to YOU to find out if you live in one of these zones. Don’t be caught off-guard should the borders change and find yourself in an area that’s legally required to have insurance.

Talk to your Fox Insurance Agency independent insurance agency to determine your need for flood insurance and the best fitting policy for you! Contact Fox Insurance Agency for a quality and reliable flood insurance and home insurance in Beaverton, or Portland, OR policy!