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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

How to protect your home from water damage

Avoid soggy disasters with these tips. Water damage is one of the most common and costliest disasters your home can experience, costing billions of dollars annually. Safeguard your most important asset against water...

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Should I purchase an umbrella liability policy?

If you are ever sued, your standard homeowners or auto policy will provide you with some liability coverage, paying for judgements against you and your attorney's fees, up to a limit set in the policy. However, in our...

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The homeowner's severe cold weather survival guide

When the temperatures drop, keep hazards at bay with these simple steps. Much of North America experiences periods of severely cold weather and is susceptible to snow and ice storms-extreme conditions that can inflict...

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Social Host Liability

Serving alcohol at a party? Be a responsible host. Whether you're hosting a Super Bowl party for 50 or greeting the New Year with a few friends, if you're planning to serve alcohol at your home take steps to limit your...

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Home security technology: Keeping you ahead of the burglars

Back in the early days of home security “systems,” around the end of World War I, it was common for homeowners to hire “door shakers”-night watchmen who would literally walk around and check doors to make sure they were...

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