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Don't Make DUI Part Of Your Holiday Festivities

If you were to conduct a poll of Americans, it's likely that a vast majority would associate New Year's Eve with drunk driving. But the reality is the danger of being hit by a drunk driver or receiving a citation for DUI (driving under the influence) is actually far higher between Thanksgiving and Christmas, according to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD). 

While many Americans have become conditioned to take extra precautions to avoid drinking and driving on New Year's Eve, many fail to recognize the danger that exists throughout the holiday season and the big football game in February. 

With office holiday parties, holiday get-togethers thrown by friends and family, and a myriad of professional sports events, the opportunities to consume alcohol seem nearly endless this time of the year. Throw in factors such as poor driving conditions due to winter weather, shorter daytime driving hours, and other holiday season driving distractions and you've got all of the ingredients of a potential tragedy on the road. 

Being convicted of a DUI can have serious ramifications not the least of which is the impact on your auto insurance.  Regardless if you have Portland Auto Insurance, Beaverton Auto Insurance, Vancouver Auto Insurance, or have car insurance in any of the countless neighboring communities in Oregon or Washington, your insurability and the cost of protection could be greatly impacted.

No matter the time of year, please remember to obey all traffic laws and drive safely.