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Oregon Riders – Be Safe on Your Motorcycle!

To stay safe on Portland and Beaverton streets, you need the right skills to control your ride, and the best safety equipment for just-in-case. Fox Insurance Agency wants you to be safe out there – so keep these helpful tips in mind when you ride:

When You Ride – Be Prepared and Protected

  • Update our Policy when You Update Your Equipment
    Make sure each piece of equipment is listed on your policy. Any time you buy new leathers or safety equipment or customize your bike, contact Fox Insurance and let our team make sure your coverage is up-to-date before you head out on the streets.
  • Training Saves Lives
    Smart riders are safe riders – that’s why many states encourage every rider to take classes and improve your riding skills. Riders who attend safe riding courses may also qualify for insurance discounts – contact Fox Insurance Agency to find out more!
  • Helmets Are For Every Oregon Rider
    A motorcycle rider not wearing a helmet is 40% more likely to sustain a fatal head injury in a crash than a rider without a helmet.* Buy a full-face helmet for the best protection for your head and eyes. Wear other protective gear as well: heavy leather or synthetic gloves, long pants and jacket, and over-the-ankle leather boots. Want to know what safety equipment is required in Oregon and Washington? Contact Fox Insurance Agency at 503-277-2300 or info [at] foxinsure [dot] com today!
  • Be Visible – In a Crash, the SUV Wins
    When cars and motorcycles collide, it’s usually because the driver of the car never saw the motorcyclist. With more and bigger cars on the road, you need to take extra steps to become more visible. Use your headlamps – both night and day – and wear yellow, red or orange jackets to make yourself easy to see. Make a point of positioning yourself in your lane for visibility when out on the streets.
  • Ride sober!
    Driving impaired is more deadly for cyclists than other drivers. In fact, more than half of all motorcycle deaths occur when the rider has been drinking.*


    * Source: NHTSA’s 2008 Traffic Safety report on Motorcycles.

    For more advice and complete help in protecting the things that matter most to you, contact Fox Insurance at 503-277-2300 or email info [at] foxinsure [dot] com today!