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Lower the Cost of Your Auto Insurance in Oregon

Drivers ask the team at Fox Insurance Agency this more than just about anything else – how do you save money on auto insurance policies? There are a number of factors that go into determining the cost of your car insurance premiums, and the Fox Insurance brokers has some helpful suggestions to help you lower your costs.

In Oregon and Washington, What Things Can You Do to Keep Your Policy Costs Low?

  • The kind of car counts. Luxury cars and performance vehicles cost more to repair, maintain and insure than family sedans. The same applies to classic cars: the more expensive to buy, the more expensive to repair, maintain and insure. The age of the car also makes a difference. Newer cars might cost more than older ones.
  • Safety saves! A clean, safe driving record can also lower your rates. Ask your Fox Insurance broker about other ways to be rewarded for safe driving and vehicle protection (such as anti-theft devices). Taking a driver-training or accident-prevention course may also qualify you for discounts.
  • One company + multiple policies = lower cost. The more insurance policies you have with a company, the more the savings. So, try having one company cover all of your insurance needs.
  • The higher your deductible, the lower your premium. A deductible is the out-of-pocket amount you are willing to cover in the event of a loss. Increasing your deductible saves you money. Decide if you’re comfortable paying more out-of-pocket after a loss later in order to save money now.
  • Keep Fox Insurance up to date! Get a new job and driving less for your job than you used to? Moved to ? Your teen driver getting good grades (they may qualify for a “good student” discount)? All of these things affect how much you pay and could result in discounts. Talk to Fox Insurance Agency.

What Other Auto Insurance Cost Factors in Oregon and Washington?
What you pay for auto insurance could be determined by many factors. A few other things that may affect how much you pay:

  • How much you drive. Drivers with longer or more frequent commutes usually pay more than the average driver.
  • Your age, gender, and marital status. These factors correlate to accident rates – so they’re a consideration. Ask an agent at Fox Insurance broker for more information.
  • Where you live. Rates vary all across Oregon and Washington – sometimes cost may change between neighborhoods or even between ZIP codes. Insurance companies research the accident/claim rate in many cities, likely including Portland and Beaverton, and your premium will reflect that. Live in a high accident area? Expect to pay more.
  • Your driving record. Drivers with a history of accidents or violations (like speeding tickets) generally pay more than those who are accident-free for several years.

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