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Top 5 Reasons to Have Renters Insurance

There are many people that rent without realizing how important it is to purchase renters insurance.  When you are contemplating renting, you should be sure that you understand these five reasons that renters insurance may be an investment well worth your time and your money.

  1. Renters insurance will provide protection from natural disasters. If your rental property happens to be damaged by fire, hail, strong winds, lightening or even volcanic eruptions you can use your renter’s insurance to cover all of your losses. When talking with your insurance agent make sure that you discuss flood and earthquake insurance as well.
  2. Renters insurance will protect you from those unexpected mishaps.  All of those totally random and devastating occurrences that may happen in your nightmares will be covered with your insurance policy.  Your policy will cover everything from damage that occurs because of a riot to the damage that occurs when snow piles up on your roof and makes it collapse.
  3. Renters insurance will protect you from vandalism or theft.  If anyone should vandalize your home or break in and steal something that belongs to you, your renters insurance will cover the cost of the loss or the damage.
  4. Renters insurance can provide you with the coverage that you need when you are in between homes. More than likely you will be provided with a percentage of your policy value. Discuss what this value is with your insurance agent to be sure you will be able to live off of this amount.
  5. Renters insurance will also cover some liability costs.  If something should happen in your apartment that ends up affecting someone else’s property, the liability will be covered. Your liability coverage will also cover any court costs that are associated with a liability lawsuit.

A renters insurance policy may be extremely useful to you. Take time to learn what policy is going to be the best for your renting situation.