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Why You Need Business Insurance

There are many different reasons why you may need business insurance.  When you do not have business insurance you may be exposing yourself to some serious liability issues.  Just one mishap may cause your business to be in financial ruin.  Here is a list of some real life scenarios that could happen and leave you liable.

  1. A customer slips on a just-washed floor in your market and breaks her ankle.
  2. Your secretary needs surgery and months of physical therapy to correct her carpal tunnel syndrome.
  3. When you come into the office, you find all of your technology has been stolen.
  4. You find out that one of your employees is stealing inventory from you and selling it out of his home.
  5. A UPS delivery person slips and hurts himself while delivering office supplies to your home office.
  6. An accountant has been fraudulently writing checks to herself and family members and you do not find out until after she has left the company.
  7. You fire an employee that has been late to work on multiple occasions and the employee then sues you for wrongful termination.
  8. A flood occurs in your warehouse and all of your inventoried products are ruined.
  9. An employee leaves a coffee maker on and it causes a fire in the office building where you rent your office space.
  10. Donors to your company sue your board of directors for mishandling funds.

The list of scenarios can go on and on.  When you own a business, make sure that you are investing in business insurance to keep yourself safe.