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The Secret to Living a Long Life

While most people believe that the secret to long life lies with adopting a carefree and low stress lifestyle, it turns out that there might be other factors which are more pronounced in the end. Recent studies have found that having an established career and goals in life to be dedicated to actually helps longevity more than early retirement and low stress solutions.

Studies have found that while being active is equally important in either scenario, positive stressors might in fact be the key to having a longer and healthier life. Working and having purpose and direction seem to be the factors at work which determine lifespan in some cases.

Positive stressors are things in life which occupy the mind and weigh on a person, but actually serve e useful purpose. Without such stressors, we would not be motived to do anything or to achieve. As such, staying occupied and engaged is something which cannot be overemphasized.

Commitments also seem to play a role in the proceedings, since those who are married tend to live longer than those who do not, and those who continue to work past retirement age while being active with hobbies also seem to do very well.

It seems that the key to the secret of long life lies with having purpose and direction, and being motivated enough to keep working. Staying on course and challenging one’s self seem to do more in the end than simply relaxing and drifting without the influences of stress in life.