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Do NOT Leave Your Child in the Car!

Leaving your child in the car can be very dangerous. There are multiple times throughout the summer months that you may hear horror stories on the news about a mother that accidentally left her child or her children in the car. Knowing why you have to keep your children out of the car during the summer is important.  When you are armed with the facts, it may be much easier to remember to keep your kids with you when you get out of the car.


  1. Each year there are about 30-40 children that die because they are left unattended in a car. The majority of the children are “forgotten” in the car and the deaths are accidental.
  2. When a child is left in a car unattended during hot weather, your child will suffer from heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Treatment needs to be administered immediately. IT is important that you understand when a child dies from a heat related illness, their passing will be painful and difficult.
  3. Some parents think that if they leave their car in the shade or if they leave their windows cracked, they will be able to safely leave their children in the car. A study showed that the difference in temperature between cars left in each of these positions was negligible.


So, if you are driving with your children in the car you have to make sure that you are going to keep them with you the entire time.  You should also make sure that you call the police immediately if you see a child inside of a car and all of the doors are locked.