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Benefits of Employee Volunteer Programs

Have you ever felt like your whole life is revolving around yourself? Your needs, your work schedule, your exercise, your food and so on, can all be very consuming.  If you feel that it is time to step outside of yourself and provide some service to others, you may be surprised at what your employer has to offer.  There are many different companies that provide their employees with volunteer opportunities.

When you volunteer with your company you may find…

  1. You are able to have a part in the improvement of your community. Taking a hands on approach and delving into the service can really change the face and feel of your local community.  Think outside of the box as you serve and find new and creative ways that you can help your community.
  2. You are able to help your company improve its image. While you are working through your company, the community will see that your company cares about what is going on in the community.
  3. Your donations mean more to an organization.  Rather than just giving an organization money, when you are out there serving and working the organization will be able to put a face and a name to the donation. Your time and effort can be invaluable for charities and organizations in the community.
  4. You can grow closer with coworkers as you are serving side by side. Getting to know coworkers on a different level will ensure that you can bond with them and get to know them well.

So, talk to your boss about what you can do to serve for your company.  If your company has not instituted any type of volunteer work, you may be the frontrunner for your company!