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Your coverage in the dark

When your power goes out, there are often more severe problems to deal with than finding the flashlight. Understanding what you are covered for, in the event of a power outage, may help you feel safer while you are riffling through drawers to find your flashlight. Here are some typical scenarios that occur in homes when the power goes out…


  1. Lightning strikes your home, causing the power to go out, but also ruining your electronics. The typical home insurance policy will cover damage from lightning and may even cover damaged electronics. As you are talking with a Fox Insurance agent about your insurance policy, you will want to find out what your insurance policy covers and what your home insurance policy does not cover.
  2. The power goes out in your home and you pack up and head for a hotel room. Whether you are too scared of the dark or you are finishing a mid-term paper and you need electricity, heading to a hotel can be a great reaction to a power outage. The standard home insurance policy will not cover your hotel stay, unless a covered damage has made your home uninhabitable.
  3. Should you find that a power outage causes your pipes to burst, you will want to claim that with your home insurance policy. Water damage can be severe and your Fox insurance agent should know about your loss as soon as possible.


So, the next time that you start to see the ominous flicker, you will want to react wisely, knowing what your Fox insurance policy covers.