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Drinking and Driving

Drinking and Driving

Who drinks and drives?

Men. By far, men drink and drive far more often than women. In 2010, 4 in 5 episodes of drinking and driving were incurred by men.

Binge Drinkers. 85% of all incidents reported in 2010 were reported by binge drinkers. People that drink more than their fair share of alcohol in a limited time are far more likely to get behind the wheel and in an accident. Binge drinking approximates to 5 or more drinks for men and 4 or more drinks for women during a brief period of time.

How often does it happen?

In 2010, it happened over 112 million times. That equates to just over 306,849 times per day. Every day, more than a quarter million people get behind the wheel thinking that they can handle the intoxication. This isn’t a rare occurrence by any means.

Consequences of drinking and driving

The first—and the most minor—consequence is being pulled over and getting a ticket. Tickets can run hundreds of dollars, especially for drunk driving. If this is not the first offense it can also incur the removal of a driver’s license, another hefty fine, plus counseling for alcoholism.

The next 3 consequences relate directly to a crash resulting from impaired driving:

1)      Everyone involved walk away scratch free, but a vehicle is ruined. The insurance company could refuse to pay a cent to fix the car, making the driver liable for thousands of dollars’ worth of damages. The state can require ignition interlocks for the driver’s car. The driver’s boss could strip him or her of their driving privileges.

2)      Someone is seriously injured in the wreck. On top of being liable for their medical bills, that person’s life could be altered forever.

3)      Someone is killed in the accident. If you are the driver of this car, you are forever responsible for the death of another human being. Someone who had dreams and hopes, just like you and luck put them at the receiving end of your selfish pursuits. This consequence isn’t something you can get over. It haunts drivers for the rest of their lives, with no chance of recompense.

The worst thing about drinking and driving is that it is 100% avoidable. Every death, every injury and every dollar spent in recompense for their actions could have been saved, if they had just asked a sober friend to drive them home. Drinking and driving doesn’t have to be an issue. We can prevent it.