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Do you Know How to Drive in the Snow?

Do you Know How to Drive in the Snow?

Driving in the snow for the first time can be intimidating.  You’ve probably seen pictures of cars sliding out of control or plummeting into snow banks that they can’t get out of.  With images like this in your head, it can be hard to want to turn your ignition and let off of the brake. Luckily, driving in the snow does not have to be that bad.


The first rule for driving in the snow is to make sure that you slow down.  You want to make sure that you give yourself triple the amount of space between yourself and other cars on the road.  It is important that you have plenty of space to stop. When you apply your brakes, you want to do so gently.  If you feel your wheels starting to lock up, relax on the brake a little bit.


Anytime that it is snowing, you should have your lights on.  This will not only increase your visibility of the road but it will also enable other cars on the road to see you. While you are driving you want to make sure that your lights and windshield are kept clean. This means that you will want to have plenty of the appropriate windshield wiper fluid in your car before you head out in the snow.


Knowing your limits will also keep you out of many dangerous situations.  You should be sure that you do not head out on the road when the conditions are too snowy for you to handle. Sometimes, it may be best to just stay put until the snow plows or sanding trucks can get out and do their job.