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Safety Items for a Mother’s Purse

Safety Items for a Mother’s Purse

More than just a fashion statement, a woman’s purse is their functional satchel used to carry the items that they deem necessary once they have left the secure confines of their home.  This means that a purse should be the first place to look when ladies and mothers are in need of anything that will help them.  While compiling items for a purse, remember that over burdening is a major problem.  Stick to the basics of a small wallet with a little extra cash, cell phone and the ever important compact; but consider adding the following items to the arsenal of the purse to be used in emergency situations and daily life.

  • Individual packets of commonly used products.  This may include sunblock, antibacterial wipes and insect repellent but whatever items are deemed necessary it is important to remember that these items will typically come in smaller, more compact sizes and portions.
  • A black sharpie.  The uses for one of these are almost limitless as they work for more than just simple notes.  Emergency situations especially will call for an easily visible writing utensil.
  • A small LED flashlight or keychain light will also come in handy on more than a few occasions, providing a source of light when everything else is dark.  Metaphoric, eh?
  • Super glue.  Super glue is another multi use tool that can be implemented in a number of situations and is likewise compact and light, seemingly made for toting in a mother’s purse.
  • Speaking of multi tools, having a multi tool in the purse will likewise provide another tool, literally, at the mother’s disposal.

Having these few items added to the tote will turn a mother’s purse into a useful and practical daily aid and emergency kit.



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