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Travel Tips

Travel Tips

Traveling during the cold winter months is fundamentally different than traveling in the spring, summer, or fall.  Winter conditions such as extreme cold, prevalent snow and the ever dangerous icy roadways add increased stress, danger, and potential delays to travel plans.

Traveling in the winter, then, will need to be treated differently than at other times of the year no matter what method of travel is being used.  The most common form of transportation and travel, even in the winter, continues to be by motor vehicle and airplane.

Both provide specific challenges to the winter traveler but consider the following tips when preparing for your journey.  First a few tips on air travel.

Traveling by airplane is the best way to get to distant locations but doing so in the winter provides some specific challenges.  Flight delays and cancelations due to weather are frequent if not expected during the winter months so a traveler should plan ahead by scheduling enough time between any connecting flights.

In this same train of thought, consider showing up at least an hour early for the flight to allow for sufficient time.  Quicken the process of checking in and boarding the plane by packing lightly.

Driving in the winter brings added danger to traveling and should be well planned for.  The most important aspect of winter driving is to remember to slow down.

Additionally, it will be important to perform a thorough check of the vehicle to ensure that the journey will be safe and without incident.