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Winter Safety

Winter Safety

Winter is a wondrous season. In many places, it is a time for snowmen, skiing and cooling down. For some people, it is a welcome excuse to vacation to a tropical island to escape the cold. Whatever the winter looks like for you, it often brings a few challenges that you should be ready for as it gets into full swing in 2013.

Watch out for ice.

There’s black ice on the roads, and thin ice on the sidewalks. We may think that we’re pros at being on ice, but no one is a pro at being ready for it all the time. Many times, accidents happen on ice when you think you’re the safest. When the temperature gauge drops below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, be on the lookout for it. If you’re driving, avoid cruise control and increase your regular braking distance.

Keep your walkway shoveled when you have snow. A snowy driveway quickly becomes an icy one as the day warms up. Inevitably, the temperature will rise and some of it will melt and then freeze as ice in the evening, or you will pack the snow so much that it will become slippery.

Stay warm.

You and your children can easily be affected by the cold out there. Don’t think that you are the exception to the rule. The cold can affect anyone at any time, so be prepared for it. Dress for the temperature. Overdress if at all possible. Always remember that you can always take a layer off. It’s much better than being stuck in a situation where you wish you could put another layer on. Bring extra gloves, hats, jackets and blankets in your car to be prepared for any situation.

Adjust to the season. Don’t expect it to adjust to you or take it for granted. Mother Nature wins in a lot of situations when we finally become comfortable that we’ve conquered her.