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Keep Your Home Safe While You Travel

Are you going on vacation soon? Perhaps you’re going out of town for the holidays or plan to take a cruise in a warmer climate. Have a great time, but don’t forget the care and security of your home while you’re away.

Get a House Sitter

The best plan for your home while you are on vacation is a house sitter. If you have a responsible friend or family member you can trust to stay in your home, look after pets, take out the trash, and pick up the mail, your home and belongings are likely to be safe. You might also consider hiring a service.

Alarms and Surveillance

Whether or not you have a house sitter, a home security system can provide you with peace of mind and help to keep your home safe from thieves and vandals while you are on vacation. Some video surveillance systems even allow you to keep an eye on your home from halfway around the world.

Hold the Mail

Don’t forget to put your mail on vacation hold before you leave town. This will eliminate the tale-tell signs of an empty home.

Get Help with Lawn Maintenance

Especially if you are known in your neighborhood for keeping a well-manicured lawn, get someone to help with upkeep during your absence. In warm months, this will include mowing and tending flower beds. In the fall and winter, it may include leaf, snow and ice removal.

Avoid Social Media Disclosure

Especially if you don’t have a house sitter watching your home, don’t mention your travels or even travel preparations on social media. We know you want to brag about your trip and post those great photos from the beach. You can do that once you’re safely back home.

Stay safe and keep your home secure when you go on vacation. Should something unexpected happen, you be sure to contact Fox Insurance. Most home insurance policies cover incidents in the home and also provide personal liability coverage anywhere in the world. If you have questions before you leave, call us.