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Preparing Your Home for Winter

As an insurance company, we encourage our customers to take preventative measures. These not only save you from hassles in the future. They may also eliminate costly insurance claims and even help to lower your insurance premiums. As the weather grows cooler and winter sets in, take the time to winterize your home. Here are a few tips:

1. Clean or change your furnace filters to help your furnace function efficiently throughout the winter.

2. Clean out your gutters and remove fallen leaves and other debris from your roof to avoid damage later in the year.

3. Have a roof inspection done to check for necessary repairs before cold weather sets in.

4. Seal up your home against the cold by installing storm windows or hanging insulating curtains.

5. Put away hoses. Store them in your garage, basement or shed throughout the winter months. Then cover your outdoor spigots to protect them against the elements.

6. Treat outdoor surfaces such as decks, walkways, patios and driveways with weatherproof sealants.

7. Cover exposed pipes with pipe insulation.

8. Keep unheated areas closed off from the rest of your home.

9. Leave faucets dripping when extremely cold temperatures are predicted.

10. Help your home retain curb appeal by winterizing your lawn and any flower beds on your property.

In the event of ice and snow, you should take action to avoid accidents and injuries on your property. Throughout the winter, be sure to

Remove snow from your roof using a snow rake or long-handled broom.

Knock down icicles hanging from the roof, gutters or eaves.

Treat walkways to prevent slip-and-falls.

Shovel driveways, porches and walkways with care, taking precautions to avoid overexertion.

Winter is a beautiful time of year in Portland, but it can also be dangerous. Follow these tips to keep your home and property safe during cold weather. Should the unexpected happen, contact Fox Insurance for assistance. We’re here to help you, no matter what Mother Nature dishes up this year.