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Easy DIY Home Projects and Repairs

The New Year is almost upon us, and homeowners often have several projects that make it onto a New Year’s resolution list. At Fox Insurance Agency, we want our customers to understand that some projects are best to do on your own while others require the help of a professional.

You might be surprised how many home projects you can easily and affordably complete yourself. Here’s our top five list:

1. Replace peeling decals on tubs and showers. Use a little WD-40 to spray around the stubborn remnants of the old decals, lifting edges to get the oil underneath. Leave for an hour or so, then use an old plastic card or similar tool to scrape up the decals. Use dishwashing detergent to degrease the surface and dry thoroughly before applying new anti-slip decals.

2. Detangle power cords. Whether you’re putting away holiday lights or reconfiguring your home entertainment system, take the time to detangle power cords. Neatly straightened and stored cables can help you avoid a number of common household disasters including trip-and-falls as well as electrical fires.

3. Prep and paint a room. Few things brighten up a home like a fresh coat of paint, and this is one thing almost anyone can do. Make sure you have proper ventilation and stable step ladders for any climbing. Then pick your favorite shade and get to work.

4. Install LED lighting. Safer for you and your family than CFL bulbs and much more energy-efficient than any other lighting option currently on the market, LED bulbs come in every imaginable size and shape today. Upgrade your lightbulbs and experience the savings.

5. Upgrade window treatments. Hang new drapes in the living room or new vertical blinds in the kitchen. A new window treatment can breathe new life into an old space. To upsize your windows without replacing them, hang drapes above the actual window, at ceiling height or slightly below.

Safe, easy home projects are great ways to improve your home during the winter. By doing these projects yourself, you’ll also be able to save a little extra money for projects that require professional help.