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Holiday Fire Safety

The winter holidays are wonderful times to celebrate with family and friends. Unfortunately, every year, some families observe the holidays by losing their homes to fire. Although Fox Insurance Agency will be here to help our customers in the event of a covered home loss, we would rather help you prevent a fire. Consider these facts from FEMA and the U.S. Fire Administration:

1. Don’t overtax your electrical wiring. One out of every three home Christmas tree fires results from electrical problems. Make sure your home electrical wiring is up to date and in good repair. Never string more than three sets of mini holiday lights together at one time, and always make sure your extension cords and surge protectors are capable of handling the amount of wattage you run through them.

2. Burn candles with care. House fires as a result of candle use increases dramatically during December each year. If you choose to burn candles, never leave them unattended. Keep burning candles at least 12 inches away from anything flammable.

3. Throw out that dry tree. Christmas trees become more flammable the older and dryer they get. If you decorate a real tree indoors, make sure you keep it well watered during the holiday season. Then promptly dispose of it following the holidays.

4. Use fireplaces with care. Everyone loves cuddling up near a roaring fire during the winter holidays, but without proper safety measures, a cheery fire can become tragic disaster. Make sure the chimney is clean and clear before use. Also, make sure the flue is open to allow proper ventilation. Finally, avoid burning wood that smokes heavily or tends to spark.

Holiday lights, cheerful decorations and cozy fires exist to make the winter holidays happy and bright. Before and during your holiday celebrations, take a moment to review the fire safety of your home. We at Fox Insurance Agency want you to have a happy, safe season to remember for years to come.