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International Travel Safety

Many clients of Fox Insurance Agency travel to remote destinations this time of year. Perhaps you have plans to be in Paris on New Year’s Day, or maybe you plan to enjoy a warm, sandy beach instead of a chilly Christmas at home. Wherever and whenever you travel, it pays to take a few safety precautions.

1. Know how to contact the U.S. Embassy in case of emergency. Personnel working at the embassy or consulate are available at all times to assist U.S. citizens if necessary. You should also inform a close friend or family member of the telephone number to the U.S. Embassy near where you will be staying in case they need to reach you during an emergency.

2. Don’t carry a lot of cash. A credit card is the best way to pay for expenses while on an international vacation. Carry a minimum amount of cash for tips or purchases at an outdoor marketplace. Otherwise, charge it. Also, make sure the credit card you plan to use is accepted in the country where you plan to travel.

3. Pack smart. Only carry the amount of luggage you can hold in one arm. This leaves your other arm free for opening doors, hailing taxis and other tasks. Carry few if any valuables on your travels and carefully conceal them for safe keeping. If you travel with a backpack, do not leave valuables or your ID in it.

4. Make copies of your travel documents. Leave one at home with a trusted friend or family member. Take the other with you but pack it separately from your original documents. Be sure to include a copy of

  • Your passport ID page
  • Your visa if you have one
  • Your travel itinerary/itineraries
  • Any hotel confirmations
  • Airline tickets
  • Your driver’s license
  • Any credit cards you take on your trip
5. Check with your Fox Insurance Agency potection team about travel insurance and personal liability insurance coverage to protect you during your trip.