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Reviewing and Updating Your Life Insurance Policy

Do you have an up-to-date life insurance policy that will provide for your loved ones in the event of your death? Do you have life insurance that you don’t have to die in order to use? Although it may feel uncomfortable to discuss the details of life insurance, Fox Insurance Agency wants to remind you how important it is to regularly review your coverage.

Protection for Life’s Circumstances

Life changes. Today you probably need something different from your life insurance than you needed five or 10 years ago. In another five years, you will have even different needs. That’s why Fox Insurance Agency recommends frequent reviews of life insurance policies. A recent college graduate with no children or mortgage doesn’t need as much coverage as a middle-aged couple with a mortgage and three kids. That middle-aged couple has different needs than the empty-nesters planning to retire in the next five years.

Great Times for a Policy Review

Everyone needs life insurance, but there is no one-size-fits-all policy. As you age and grow in life experience, your personal insurance needs will change. Whether or not you schedule annual life insurance policy reviews, we encourage you to review your coverage with the help of an insurance agent any time you experience a significant life transition. These times include

  • Whenever your marital status changes
  • Anytime you add a new member to your family
  • If you take responsibility for the care of aging parents
  • If you or your spouse is diagnosed with a serious illness
  • Anytime you get a new job
  • If you start or significantly grow your own business
  • When a son or daughter starts college
  • When you purchase or refinance a home

If you die without life insurance, you aren’t likely to ever need it again, but the ones you leave behind need you to think of them. Call Fox Insurance Agency before it’s too late. We’ll help you prepare for the future with a life insurance policy tailored to your personal circumstances.