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How Crumple Zones Work

crumple-zone.gifStay safe on the roads with your reliable auto insurance Beaverton, OR.

While it is counterintuitive, you should want a car that crumples. There are certain points on a car model (mainly, the front and back) that are designed to crumple in the event on a collision which actually protects the passengers. Statistics show that the risk of being killed in a personal motor vehicle on U.S. roads has increased each year since crumple zones were prevented!

Laws of Physics Saves Lives
Early models of car bodies were designed to be rigid without much regard for what happened to the car itself and the cargo inside. The laws of physics dictate that if you are driving at 50 mph, and a crash cases the car to stop immediately, passengers will continue moving at 50 mph. The results can be fatal.

In a crash, crumple zones help transfer some of the car’s kinetic energy into controlled movement, otherwise known as crumpling, at impact. While this creates more vehicle damage, the personal injury to the passengers is significantly reduced. Crumpling allows the vehicle to take a little longer before coming to a stop, in effect lowering the average impact force, and increasing the survival space for passengers wearing their seatbelts.

Additional Safety
Along with an effective crumple zone, cars are typically built around a ‘safety cage’ which allows maximum protection of passengers. In addition, other modern design factors and improvements have helped to make cars safer. Seatbelts, air bags, head restraints, and interior features redesigned to be more flexible, cushioned and rounded all help to minimize injuries and protect drivers and passengers in a crash.

Despite intuition, having a car that crumples is incredibly important when it comes to survival in an accident. For further protection, talk to your insurance agent on coverage for your vehicle, your safety, and your finances! Contact Fox Insurance Agency for your auto insurance in Beaverton, OR that can see you through every bump in the road!