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What to do When You Get Pulled Over: For Teens

Being a teenager is already hard enough, so what happens when you get pulled over?

School, friends, homework, afterschool activities, etc., you already have a lot on your plate. Being pulled over is not fun for anyone, but if you’ve only recently gotten your driver’s license it may be extra stressful. Know exactly what to do when you get pulled over by the police by following thee simple steps:

1. Pull over, turn off the ignition.

When you see the flashing red and blue light in your rearview mirror, be sure indicate to the officer that you are pulling over by using your turn signal. If you’re on the highway try to pull over to the right-most shoulder. Turn off the ignition and place your hands on the steering wheel. Make sure to breathe and be calm.

2. Wait until the officer asks to do anything.

You want to wait until the officer asks to see your license and registration. Tell the officer that you’re going to reach for the glove compartment or purse before you do move to retrieve those items.

3. Never incriminate yourself.

When the officer asks you, “Do you know why I pulled you over?” Never acknowledge why. Feign the fool: say, “No, officer. I do not.” It’s your right as an American to not incriminate yourself (see: the fifth amendment).

4. Don’t take anything personally.

The officer may want to upset you by implying some kind of illegal activity: “Have you been drinking?” “There are a lot of gang related crimes here, are you in a gang?” As we pointed out before saying “no officer,” is the best way to respond.

To have piece of mind when you, as a teen, drives it’s best to have the insurance that best fits your needs. Don’t wait until the last minute to learn more about insuring your teen driver. Take a moment to request a free online quote now. If you have questions or would like more information, call Fox Insurance Agency in Beaverton, OR during regular business hours.