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3 Home Maintenance Things You Shouldn’t Miss for Summer

Prepare your home and make it look and feel great for entertaining with these three summer home maintenance tips.

Summer is the time of the year that most of us look forward to: summer school, backyard parties, bonfires, and much more! The elements, however, have been against us since the turn of the year. Snow falling, fluctuating temperatures, heavy rains, and sweltering summers all put a toll on our houses and wear them down little by little, year by year. If you don’t maintain your home it could come back to bite you in the tookus. Here are three home maintenance tips you should do to get your home ready for summer time.

1. Roof Check

Your roof should be inspected annually to ensure that no problems arise in the freezing months. (No one wants to climb a roof when it’s raining and the temperature is 1 degree above freezing.) You may also want to take advantage of the good weather to clean your roof to avoid any permanent water damage.

2. Window Check

Ensure that the summer heat stays outside by making sure your windows are properly insulated. One key item that you must check are the seals—not to be confused with the marine mammal. Be sure to check that both the outside and in are secured. Taking care of your windows will keep your home looking and feeling as cool as the other side of the pillow.

3. Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Humans are a unique species because we no longer change to fit our environment, quite the opposite actually: we change the environment to fit our needs. The best example of this is the invention of well-constructed shelter and air conditioning. Your air conditioning needs to be tuned and inspected to make sure it’s working properly and everything falls under regulation. Filters and coils need to be inspected to ensure there are no fire hazards with faulty wiring.

Seasons change, but a quality homeowners insurance policy should always be a staple part of your life. Talk to your independent insurance agency to determine your need for homeowners insurance and the best fitting policy for you! Contact Fox Insurance Agency for a quality and reliable home insurance and auto insurance in Beaverton, OR policy!