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Flood Insurance in Beaverton, OR: The Q&A Guide

You have questions about flood insurance, and we have the answers!

Floods are the number one natural disaster in the U.S. as they can reach anywhere that it rains—and doesn’t rain. There are many conditions in which a flood can arise: spring thaw, rain, and tropical storms are just a few of them. While there are certainly areas that are more prone to flooding, every area and neighborhood is at risk of a flood rushing in. Are you prepared for the worst? Be ready for anything that nature throws at you with the proper flood insurance policy that’s right for you and your home. If you have questions regarding flood insurance in Beaverton, OR, we are here to provide you with some answers.

1. Why do I need flood insurance when my neighborhood has never been flooded?

Flooding occurs in low-risk areas as well as those high-risk areas., rapid accumulation of rainfall, snowmelt, broken water mains, and poor drainage systems can all result in flooding. The last especially, because water drainage systems that are built for a barrage of water can easily get backed up and cause some flooding.

2. Can I get flood insurance if I rent?

If you live in a community that is a part of the NFIP, you can get flood insurance to cover the contents of your home business.

3. Can I purchase a low-cost policy for home in low-risk areas?

Of course! A “preferred risk policy” provides your building and your things with the coverage that your home or business.

Talk to your independent insurance agency to determine your need for flood insurance and the best fitting policy for you! Contact Fox Insurance Agency for a quality and reliable flood insurance and home insurance in Beaverton, OR policy!