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2 Small Business Insurance Policies in Beaverton, OR You Can’t Let Sneak by Your Business

Small business policies in Beaverton, OR that all business owners should implement for their business.

It’s estimated that as many as 60 percent of home-based businesses don’t have the adequate insurance to adequately protect their business from the perils that it faces every day. If you are one of the 28 million small business owners based in the U.S. you and your business could be in real danger from the perils each and every business face on a daily basis. These dangers could be avoided with the proper business insurance. There are dangers in which general liability insurance won’t cover and leave you paying out of your own pocket. Here are two business insurance policies you didn’t know your small business needed that it does need.

Commercial Auto Insurance

Owning an entire fleet of vehicles is not necessary to have a quality commercial auto insurance policy. It can be as simple as being the owner of a small computer shop and having one of your employees go run an errand for you. If your employee, whether driving their own car or yours, gets into an accident while picking up double-A batteries, a personal auto insurance policy won’t cover these damages because this is considered a business trip.

Cyber Liability Insurance

The Internet is an ever-growing organism that is changing every day into something that not even experts can predict. If, like most businesses, you store important client information on your computer and have Internet access on that computer, you are at risk from it being stolen or hacked. Hacked/stolen data is not covered under general liability policy—which covers only tangible data, not electronic data. This is because insurance companies in the early 20th century never imagined data being able to be stored electronically.

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