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3 Questions to Ask When Shopping for Homeowners Insurance

Whether or not this is your first time purchasing home insurance, there are questions you must ask when purchasing a homeowners insurance policy.

Trying to find the right homeowners insurance in Beaverton Oregon, Portland Oregon or elsewhere can be quite the daunting task, especially if this is your first time around the bend. It may seem impossible to get exactly what you need because there are so many technical terms and jargon only legal teams will understand, but with the right questions, it’s not so bad. Here are three questions you need to ask when purchasing homeowners insurance that’ll make you feel like the family hero.

1. What does this policy cover?

Homeowners coverage is one of the broadest types of coverage, with a huge range of possible claims. Leaky roofs, burst pipes, theft of your possessions, fire, storms, and liability concerns are all typically covered by home insurance.

2. What is NOT covered by this policy?

It’s almost as important to know what is not covered as it is to know what is covered. If damage falls on your home and you expect it to be covered, you may be in for a nasty surprise. Generally, floods and earthquakes are not covered by home insurance policies. And there are limits to your liability insurance that may be exceeded should an injury be gruesome enough.

3. How much will it cost to rebuild my home?

When purchasing dwelling coverage, the coverage that deals with damage done to your home, it’s important to know the total cost of rebuilding your home. You’ll want to set your protection equal or greater than your home’s rebuilding cost—not the purchase price.

Purchasing a homeowners insurance policy doesn’t have to be difficult! Talk to your Fox Insurance independent insurance agency to determine your need for homeowners insurance and the best fitting insurance policy for you! Contact Fox Insurance Agency for a quality and reliable home insurance and auto insurance in Beaverton, Oregon or Portland Oregon policy!