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How to Handle Your Car Insurance When You Move

Making sure your car insurance company knows you're moving from Portland Oregon, Beaverton Oregon, or elsewhere is important to keep you covered.

Your bags are packed, your dishes are all in clearly marked boxes, and your books and movies are all ready to make the big move. But what about your car insurance? It’s a little more complicated than simply making sure your proof of insurance is in your glove compartment box; you have to change it in your insurer’s system. Whether you're moving cross country or just across the street, we’re here to explain to you how you can take your auto coverage with you or how to shop for a new policy.

The Moving + Car Insurance Checklist Timeline

2 months before moving day

  • Annual Mileage: If you have a shorter commute to work or school, the reduced mileage may grant you some nifty discounts. Be sure your company knows of your less frequent driving.
  • Additional (or Less) Drivers: Perhaps this move is with a significant other and you are combining policies. Let your insurer know you’ll be adding another driver.

1 month before moving day

  • Check into transportation option if you’re moving long distance. How are you physically going to get your car to your new place? Driving? Shipping? Be sure your insurer knows—typically, state to state driving is covered.
  • Contact your state’s DMV (if you are indeed moving to a different state). Find out how long you’ll have for plates, registration, driver’s license, and what tests you have to pass.

1 week before moving day

  • Change your address with your insurance company. It’s important to do it as close to the move as possible because your company may send documents to the new address that you’ll have to reply quickly.
  • When switching companies, confirm when you want your coverage to end and when the new one to begin. Try your best to avoid gaps in coverage because even one uncovered day could mean a higher premium.

Moving is a part of life, just like your auto insurance policy. It’s important to keep your policy working for you at all times. To get an auto insurance quote from Fox Insurance Agency in Beaverton, OR, call or use our free online service today.