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How to Deal With Car Insurance After a Divorce

Not all divorces are the same, but the way you can deal with your car insurance policies can be with these simple guidelines.

Often times, life will throw us curve balls in areas we wish it wouldn’t; marriage doesn’t always work out, and divorce is the only option. During a divorce, it’s understandable that something as relatively “unimportant” as car insurance can be easily overlooked, after all, who’s going to keep the 80’’ TV? Let us make this weird transition into your new life a little easier with these factors you should consider. We’ll help explain how to separate your policies, coverage concern to consider, and how a divorce may affect your premium.

1. Remove Your Ex From Your Auto Insurance Policy

If you had and your ex shared a vehicle and a policy, and decide to keep it under your name, you’ll want to remove your ex from the policy. You should contact your insurance agency to do this.

2. Premiums & Deductibles

After the divorce, you may find yourself in a different financial situation. Check your car insurance coverages and make sure that you are still comfortable paying your premium. If your premium has become too much of a financial burden, review your limits with your insurance agent and change them appropriately.

3. The Effect of Splitting

The divorce is very likely to impact your rate in one way or another. You might lose certain discounts (e.g. multi-car or homeowners) depending on your circumstances, but you also might pick up new ones (e.g. claim-free discount—depending on who was the safe drive in the relationship). Your premium may also rise as you go from ‘married,’ to ‘single.’

The divorce may be difficult, but that doesn’t mean your car insurance has to be. To get an auto insurance quote from Fox Insurance Agency in Beaverton, OR, call or use our free online service today.