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How to Travel Stress-Free

Travel has increasingly become more and more stressful with airlines making it so. Is there a way to make it stress-free?

Travel is supposed to offer a gateway into a stress-free zone, but it seems to get into that zone, you have to pass through the ultimate test: the airport. From infinite TSA lines to unforeseen charges, airports and airlines have made travel a vault for stress with no way escape. If you’re tired of going to the airport and feeling like you’re absorbing nothing but stress, check out these helpful tips on how you can make travel stress-free.

1. Arrive Early

The best way to avoid long lines is to arrive early. Give yourself plenty of time to account for any unforeseen circumstances. We’ve all seen those people waiting in line complaining that they’re going to miss their flight because of this line. Arrive three hours early to rid yourself of this worry.

2. Check in Online

Checking in 24 hours before your flight will save you so much time. Check in 24 hours before your flight, print your tickets (or save them on your smartphone), and then instead of waiting in line, you just go straight to security. If you can’t print or don’t have a smartphone, you can still print them at the kiosk when you arrive.

3. Pack Light

If you can, avoid bringing a check-in bag as this will make you lose precious time, especially for short trips. Pack light and only travel with a carry-on bag and, if your airline allows for it, a lap bag. Plus, when you arrive at the destination airport you won’t have to wait at the belt for your bag—which could take up to an hour!

If vacation is in your radar, it’s important to plan ahead to reduce your stress. Contact Fox Insurance Agency in Beaverton / Portland, OR. We’re always here to help.