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What You Should Do When Your Car is Stolen

Car theft is an incredibly scary thing and it can happen to the best of us.

You walk out of your apartment complex one fine morning expecting everything to be as normal as it ever has been. You walk into the parking lot and you don’t hear the beep of your alarm as you normally do every morning before you go to work. When you get to where you left your car the night before, you find broken glass instead of your car. This morning, as it turns out, is not going to be your average morning. What are you to do? If you find that your car has been stolen, follow these steps to best assure the finding of your car.

Steps to Take After Your Car is Stolen

1. Make Sure It’s Actually Stolen

If you see no glass in your car’s parking lot, it may not actually have been stolen. Before you call the police and they find it a block and a half away from your apartment, try and recall if you left it elsewhere.

2. Call the Police

The sooner the better! Let the police know everything about your car: make and model, VIN, license plate number, and when it was stolen. If you have a tracking system like OnStar, let them know that as well. It’ll likely be of use to quickly locate your vehicle.

3. Report it to Your Insurer

After you’ve filed the police report, contact your car insurance company. If your insurance company allows, you can report the stolen car online, or on your smartphone through their app, or the old-fashioned way of calling.

Car theft is something that should not be taken lightly. To get an auto insurance quote from Fox Insurance Agency in Beaverton, OR, call or use our free online service today.