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Antique and Collector Cars need TLC - Tender Loving Coverage

There's nothing quite like an antique or collector car. Whether it's a classic mid-century Cadillac with tailfins, a 1970s muscle car, or a custom hot rod representing lots of hours and elbow grease, these cars are amazing. They are a treat to look at, and to drive.

Antique and collectible cars are special vehicles. As such, they require special insurance coverage. When it comes to these cars, there are some special considerations that need to be taken into account.

Antique Car Insurance Coverage

The usual cutoff for an antique car is the 25 year mark. For a classic car, the cutoff may be 20 years. If your car is 19 years old or younger, it can probably be covered with a standard policy.

The age of a car is one factor in determining the pricing of its coverage. Age is linked to the type of safety features available, the number of miles driven, and the wear and tear generally.

Antique auto policies have some limitations. They are often for occasional pleasure driving, not day to day tasks like going to work or school. But they can be less expensive than a standard policy, and coverages offered are customized to a collector's needs. Cheap antique car insurance can be found.

For example, original replacement parts for an older car are hard to find. Policies for antique cars often provide coverage the search for a replacement part. And if you bring your car to special events or do tours with it, there is coverage available for those risks.

Guaranteed value policies can be can be a great option for antique cars. With this type of policy, no depreciation is factored in. This means that if the car is damaged or destroyed, the agreed upon value at the time the policy was written is paid.

Antique car insurance can and should be customized to fit the needs of a specific driver. These policies are designed to accommodate special requirements. By being clear about their needs, and asking questions before agreeing to a policy, drivers can get the coverage that is the best fit for them.

Other Collector Cars

For serious gearheads with customized rides, a customized policy may be appropriate. A policy for a modified car can cover custom, replica, or restored cars. Custom coverage can be important for these collector cars for a number of reasons.

For example, for a high performance collector car, the increased speed is an additional risk. Underwriters will consider this when pricing a policy. Also, if the car has a great look with an expensive custom paint job that can attract negative as well as positive attention. Vandalism and theft have to be considered when it comes to these cars.

As with antique cars, coverage for events and tours may be required. Replacement parts coverage may also be a consideration. Custom car coverage, like antique car coverage, may be priced on the expectation that the car will not be driven every day.

Car Insurance Quotes

If you're in the Beaverton, Portland, or the rest of the Oregon or Washington area, we would be happy to discuss antique car insurance quotes with you. At Fox Insurance Agency we are independent agency. We can present you with several different options from a variety of insurers.

Cheap antique car insurance is available, it's just a matter of shopping around. Let us do the legwork for you. We would love to discuss coverage for your antique or collector car. Contact us today!

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