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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

Why get renters insurance? For starters, many landlords require it.

Renters often do not carry insurance. This can be a very costly mistake .Sometimes tenants assume that their landlords' insurance protects them and their belongings from potential loss. Although landlords do normally carry insurance, it typically covers only the structure itself.

A landlord's insurance policy normally does not protect the tenant's belongings nor provide the tenant with liability insurance protection. It generally does not provide for losses caused by faulty appliances in a tenant's unit. It does not insulate them from the risk of a flood/ water damage spreading from one tenant's apartment to their neighbor's. These exposures to risk represent some of the reasons that landlords are more frequently requiring tenants to have their own insurance protection.

Even where landlords do not require their tenants to carry renters insurance, it should be considered. Everyone knows that renters insurance protects belongings, but often people do not understand the other benefits. When the cost of insurance is weighed against the cost of replacing most of a persons insurable possessions that are covered by a renters insurance policy, it quickly becomes clear that a cheap renters insurance policy can be a very good investment.

What Does It Cover?

This type of insurance is known for covering a persons belongings in a rental unit /home. Most people know that. However, people often underestimate the value of their belongings. For example, when considering the cost of insurance, people may think only of one or two significant items they own.

When determining whether to get renters coverage, a renter may neglect to add up the value of everything they own: furniture, towels, blankets, clothing, and shoes among other items.

There may also be jewelry and other items requiring special attention and coverage.

Often the value of people's possessions is much greater than they realize. Replacing these items is likely to be far more expensive than the cost of a renters insurance policy.

There is also liability coverage included with this type of coverage. If a guest is injured in the apartment, by tripping over a cord on the floor for example, the renter could be liable for medical, legal, and possibly other expenses. Renters insurance may provide protection against this risk.

Renters Insurance Quotes

A renters policy is often very affordable, with the monthly cost being lower than a night out. Inexpensive renters insurance is generally not difficult to obtain.

By discussing your needs with an agent at Fox Insurance Agency and asking questions to clarify, you can design coverage on your renters insurance policy to meet your specific needs. In Portland, Beaverton, and surrounding communities throughout Oregon and Washington, contact Fox Insurance Agency for your renters insurance needs. We are an independent insurance agency and deal with a number of different insurers. We can provide you with several options to meet your specific renters insurance requirements.

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