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Bicycle Safety and Insurance

A bicycle is more than just a possession. It can represent transit, exercise, or leisure. Some cyclists use their bikes for all three. However, in our society we often treat bikes with less seriousness than we reserve for motorcycles or cars. It is important to understand that there are insurance and safety considerations for bicycles, too.

Like any possession, bicycles are covered under homeowners insurance or renters insurance policies. But many cyclists do not understand their coverage well. For example, typically coverage does not just apply to thefts from the home. It also applies to thefts from public places. Cyclists should take steps to ensure that they get the full benefits of their insurance coverage.

What To Know About Coverage

When buying a bike, it's important to save the receipt. Then, make a call to your insurance agent or broker. This is particularly important if your bike is expensive. Make sure that the liability protection on your homeowners or renters insurance policy is adequate for the purchase.

As with expensive cameras, watches, and jewelry, standard coverage limits may not provide enough protection for a high-end bike. It may be advisable to add an endorsement, for additional coverage, in such cases.

What To Know About Safety

Safety is also an important consideration when it comes to bicycles. Unfortunately, bike theft numbers are on the rise. Recent media coverage has done a lot to increase awareness of the problem. Tips for the prevention of bike theft, and tools for recovering stolen bikes, have become more visible.

Insurance professionals know all about risk. Your agent or broker may be able to provide advice about reducing the risk of theft, riding safely in traffic, and even preventing injuries while riding.

It's important that cyclists be aware of the bike rules for the areas where they ride. Complying with rules about hand signaling, safe lane sharing, and safety gear such as helmets not only prevents injury, but can also spare riders from being ticketed.

Liability Protection

There are thousands of cyclists in Oregon and Washington State. Whether they are on the road to commute, or to enjoy the beautiful landscape, they deserve to be protected from liability. Much like a motorcycle or a car, people rely on their bikes and benefit from coverage in the event of a loss.

If you need renters insurance, or an additional endorsement for a homeowners insurance policy, contact us today. At Fox Insurance, we are an independent agency. We can provide you with a wide range of coverage options, from a variety of insurers. Located in Beaverton, we also proudly serve Portland and the surrounding areas in Oregon and Washington State

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