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A Look At Term Life Insurance Policies

Life insurance is one of the most important investments a person can make. These policies provide security and peace of mind for families. As a cornerstone of financial planning, it is important to understand what types of life policies are available and what benefits they provide.

Term Life

Term life insurance refers to a policy that pays a death benefit if the insured perishes during a specified period of time. Although some policies renew on a year by year basis, the most popular length of term is 10, 20, and 30 years. There are two main types of term insurance, level and decreasing.

For a level term policy, the benefit remains the same over the life of the policy. With decreasing term, the benefit decreases over time. Typically, decreasing term is renewable on an annual basis.

Decreasing term is usually not the sole life policy an individual owns. One common application for this type of insurance is mortgage life insurance. This is a policy designed pay off a mortgage debt in the event of the mortgagee's death. In keeping with its purpose, the insurance policy decreases over time to match the remaining amount of the loan.

Term insurance policies are the most affordable type of life policy. The only real benefit of term life is the payout at death. This is in contrast to whole life, which can provide other benefits. In spite of the limitations of term life policies, they are an effective way to provide peace of mind to a family.

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