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Worried about teenage drivers in Portland, Oregon?

One of the most common conversations I have with clients in Portland, Beaverton, and elsewhere is about teenage drivers.  We’ve all heard the horror stories.  Your friends will warn you about the hundreds and even thousands of dollars they’re spending to let their kids drive.  But it doesn’t have to be this way!

With a little bit of knowledge and planning you can drastically cut your costs.  Here’s what you need to know.

  1.  Buy an older car for cash.  This probably isn’t what your teenager was hoping to get, but it’s the best way to keep your insurance manageable.  Liability coverage is much more affordable than full coverage with comprehensive and collision. 
  2. Take training courses.  Drivers ed and other training program qualify your teenager for additional discounts!  Just get a copy from the course and bring it i n when you add your new driver.
  3. Get good grades.  Good grades reflect a more responsible driver.  Drop off a copy of your teenager’s latest report card and see if they qualify.

Yes, young drivers will raise your auto insurance and personal umbrella insurance costs, but it doesn’t have to be terrible.  Schedule an appointment to sit down and discuss your policy specifically.  We’ll review all of your options and any discounts you can qualify for.  Call us at 503-277-2300 today or visit our insurance website for more information.