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What Are Standard Exclusions?

Have you ever heard the term “standard exclusions” and wondered what it means? If you’ve ever placed an insurance claim and discovered that your loss was listed as a “standard exclusion,” the term may seem frightening to you. At Fox Insurance Agency, we believe in educating our customers so you can make great decisions concerning your insurance coverage. Let’s get started now on demystifying exclusions.

What Are Exclusions

Exclusions are losses that are not covered by an insurance policy. These may include loss due to high risk activities such as base jumping or sky diving, or they could include loss due to natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes. In other words, an exclusion is something that isn’t covered by an insurance policy because of the risk involved. Standard exclusions are exclusions that most insurance carriers place on a certain type of insurance policy. For example, flood and water damage are standard exclusions on homeowners policies.

How to Protect Against Exclusions

Although insurance carriers include exclusions in order to protect their bottom line, customers of Fox Insurance Agency can often find affordable solutions to protect themselves against standard exclusions. One of the most common ways to protect against exclusions is with an umbrella policy that picks up where your auto or home insurance drops off. Homeowners who face risk of flood or earthquake damage can reduce their risk of serious loss by adding flood or earthquake insurance riders to their policies.

To learn more about standard exclusions and how you can protect yourself and your family against serious losses, contact Fox Insurance Agency today. We look forward to helping you protect the things that matter most.