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Understanding Identity Theft in Portland, Oregon

Your Identity Belongs to You. Some Suggestions From Fox Insurance Agency to Help Protect It. Today, identity theft is a problem facing all of us. It is critical that we be on guard and take appropriate measures to...

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Purchasing, safety tips for your boat trailer in Oregon and Washington

Along with owning a boat a trailer is commonly an essential requirement. It is important that when purchasing a trailer in Oregon, Washington or elsewhere, that you stay within the trailers recommended capacity...

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Your Guide to Oregon Personal Watercraft Safety

We recognize at Fox Insurance Agency that one of the fastest growing American pastimes in Oregon and Washington is recreational boating. Although many boaters cruise the waterways in powerboats and sailboats, personal...

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Lowering the Cost of Classic Car Insurance in Portland, Oregon

How much you pay for classic car insurance depends on many factors. Following the suggestions below may help you lower the cost of your classic car or collector vehicle insurance with Fox Insurance brokers in Oregon and...

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Lowering the Cost of Homeowners & Renters Insurance in Oregon

Who doesn't want to save money on homeowners insurance? For homeowners and renters in Portland and Beaverton - and elsewhere - you have options when it comes to lowering your home insurance costs. How You Can Lower Your...

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Lower the Cost of Your Auto Insurance in Oregon

Drivers ask the team at Fox Insurance Agency this more than just about anything else - how do you save money on auto insurance policies? There are a number of factors that go into determining the cost of your car...

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Oregon vacationers: Lower the Cost of your Motorhome Insurance

Insurance might be a necessity, but spending lots of money on it isn't. We here at Fox Insurance know that you'd rather be mapping out your next destination instead of worrying about your bank balance, so read our...

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Recreational Vehicle and Motorhome Safety Tips

Avoid any delays and unexpected problems when you take your recreational vehicle or motorhome out for what should be a relaxing trip from Portland or Beaverton. Follow some of our suggestions below, and consider...

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Summer Means More Teens in the Workplace

Business news often reports that it's difficult for teenagers to find work here in Oregon but nonetheless, as summer approaches thousands of teenagers will enter the workforce, many for the first time. This is an...

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