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Ways to help prevent home theft

Burglars will not find your home an "easy mark" if they are forced to work in the light, if they have to take a lot of time breaking in, or if they cannot break in without making a lot of noise. Research shows that if...

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Help Prevent Auto Theft

Thousands of unsuspecting motorists are carjacked every year. Here are some tips to help prevent your vehicle from being car jacked or stolen. To minimize the danger of being carjacked: Think of saving your life first....

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Grilling Safety

Americans enjoy more than three billion barbecues each year. But barbecuing can be dangerous, even deadly, if you are not careful. The following tips can make your grilling experience safer: When ready to barbecue,...

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Preparing for a summer road trip

The summer months are quickly approaching, which means many families will be embarking on vacation getaways. Summer travel and readying the car for trips can be the most stressful part of the vacation. Below are some...

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