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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

3 Costly Mistakes Homeowners Commit

Mistakes that could end up costing you. - Record-setting snows pummeling the Northeast, tornadoes sweeping across the Midwest, unbelievable heat searing the southwest, and storms flooding the south: we are now starting...

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Consider Replacement Cost Before Signing

Home is where the heart is. Which would make home insurance is where the wallet is. - You protect the things you care deeply about: your significant other, your dog, and even your children! Our homes are no exception,...

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What to do When You Get Pulled Over: For Teens

Being a teenager is already hard enough, so what happens when you get pulled over? - School, friends, homework, afterschool activities, etc., you already have a lot on your plate. Being pulled over is not fun for anyone,...

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What is Auto Gap Insurance & Do You need it?

You may not know about auto insurance, but do you know about auto gap insurance? - As soon as the wheels of your car drive off the lot and touch street pavement, the value of your car is dwarfed by the loan you took out...

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Weird and Obscure Insurance Policies That Were Taken Out

- What do celebrities get insured, and for how much? - Celebrities and some very rich people have been known to insure themselves for quite a lot of money, but sometimes the reasons in which they insured themselves is...

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How to Research and Find a Used Car

What’s the best way to find a used car? - You’re right of out of college, and money is tight. Perhaps a brand new car is on the horizon, but it’s not here yet for you. You may consider buying a used car, but how do you...

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