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Estimate Your Home Value to Match Coverage Limits in Portland, Oregon

Your home may be worth as much or more than your retirement account. As a result, it makes sense to track your home insurance as carefully as you do your 401k. Getting Started with Fox Insurance If you haven't checked...

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Condo Unit Owner’s Insurance in Oregon

Insuring a condominium in Oregon or Washington is different than insuring a home. And the biggest difference is knowing where your responsibilities begin and end. That's why it really pays to work with a knowledgeable...

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Oregon Riders – Be Safe on Your Motorcycle!

To stay safe on Portland and Beaverton streets, you need the right skills to control your ride, and the best safety equipment for just-in-case. Fox Insurance Agency wants you to be safe out there - so keep these helpful...

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Green Boating Tips for Earth Day in Oregon, Washington

With Earth Day fast approaching, we here at Fox Insurance Agency thought it would be a good time to talk about preventative measures you can take to avoid harming the environment, in addition to carrying an insurance...

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Estimating Your Boats Value in Oregon, Washington

Buying, selling or insuring a boat in Portland or Beaverton? First you'll need to know how much your boat and/or motor is worth. Here are a few popular pricing guides as references. NADA BUC Also, you can check out the...

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Keep Your Boat in Top Shape Year-Round

Boat Maintenance Tips for Oregon and Washington Proper maintenance can extend the life of your boat, reduce the need for costly repairs, and help ensure the safety of your passengers in Oregon. Clean and Care for Your...

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Lowering the Cost of Motorcycle Insurance in Oregon, Washington

Simple steps can lead to savings in your pocket. Spending less money is much easier than perfecting your tight turns at high speeds on a gravel road. Take a look at some simple ways to lower your motorcycle insurance...

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OSHA Offers Free Consultations to Oregon Small Businesses

Oregon, did you know the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) offers small businesses free, workplace safety consultations? During the OSHA 2010 fiscal year they provided consultations to 26,000 small...

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