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Identity Theft and Data Breach Insurance Protection in Oregon

It has been all over the news lately: data breaches at major retailers have been potentially compromising shoppers debit and credit cards. While your banking institutions and credit card issuers do offer some protection...

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Vacation Checklist

A vacation is your time to relax and enjoy life. - Vacation is for fun and relaxation. Help save yourself some worry about what could be happening at home in Portland, Beaverton, Clackamas,Oregon, or elsewhere by...

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Cooking is the cause of two out of every five home kitchen fires*

Cooking has long been and continues to be the most common cause of home structure fires and home fire-related injuries. Whether in Portland, Beaverton, Milwaukie, Oregon or elsewhere, preparing for a family dinner or a...

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Have some new Valentine's Day jewelry in the house? Protect it!

Valentine's Day is here, and love is in the air. Well, love and a few other things, such as chocolates, romantic dinners, candy hearts that say "Be Mine" - and, of course, jewelry. It's exciting to receive jewelry from...

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Winter Weather Safety Tips For Portland, Oregon and Beyond!

In Portland, Beaverton, and throughout the northwest, severe winter weather can occur in many forms. Rain, sleet, ice, snow, hail, blizzards in any combination is possible. Often, a change of only a few degrees in...

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Driving Faux-Pas in Portland, OR

Don't be "that" guy in traffic! - We wanted to know what some of your biggest gripes about those other drivers you share the road with. After tallying our unofficial poll results, we compiled a list of bad habits behind...

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Power outage? Use your generator safely!

Storms or natural disasters in Portland, Beaverton, West Linn, and throughout Oregon and Washington can have the ability to knock your power out for an extended period of time. During an outage, portable generators can...

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