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All You Ever Wanted to Know About Insurance

What is gap insurance?

Protect yourself financially when you owe money on a depreciated vehicle How gap insurance works - When you buy or lease a new car or truck, the vehicle starts to depreciate in value the moment it leaves the car lot. In...

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Road Rage and Auto Insurance

Aggressive driving can lead to accidents-and compromised coverage. Road rage incidents are not only dangerous, they are exempted from coverage by many auto insurance policies. Understand your risks and take...

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Lightning coverage and safety

How to keep yourself, your home and your belongings safe from lightning. Lightning can cause damage to your home and belongings-and can cause bodily harm. It's prudent to take steps to prevent the dangerous effects of...

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Unique Vehicles Require Special Auto Coverage

A classic, custom, collectible or antique car requires insurance that reflects your vehicle’s uniqueness and value. If you own-or are thinking of owning-a special set of wheels, find out about the kind of policy you...

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