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7 Facts About Teachers That Might Surprise You

“What really makes a teacher is love ... for it is love that transforms the social duty of the educator into the higher consciousness of a mission.” Almost everyone has a story about a teacher who inspired them-the one...

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Auto Insurance Jargon Buster

Your guide to understanding the fine print. Don’t be intimidated by specialized insurance language. Below you’ll find definitions of some of the most common terms used when dealing with auto insurance. Adjuster - An...

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Keep Your Pets Safe in a Disaster

A safe home, a regular routine, a soft bed – the things that bring you comfort bring your pet comfort, too. It’s so important to give some advance thought to how you’d handle your pet responsibilities during and...

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Auto insurance for teen drivers

Is there a newly licensed driver in your home? Reduce the stress by understanding the implications for your car policy. For parents, the excitement of having a first-time driver in the house is usually tempered with...

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