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Tips For A More Secure Oregon Workplace!

Protecting your Oregon business used to mean locking the doors at the end of the day. That's still important, of course, but now a security breach can extend beyond your physical assets to include software, systems and...

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Ways to make good old-fashioned road trips more affordable in or out of Oregon!

These days air fares are no bargain, and air travel is no fun. Gas prices have their ups and downs, but they're trending down. Maybe it's time for a good old-fashioned road trip across - or out of - Oregon. It's a great...

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Play hard not hurt safety tips for school sports in Beaverton, Portland and elsewhere!

As summer turns to fall in Beaverton, Portland, and the rest of the country, more than 7 million young people take to their school playing fields, dreaming of athletic glory. Without some advance planning and common-...

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Here are 4 ways to help all children have a great school year!

It's back-to-school time in Beaverton, Portland and throughout Oregon. If you have school-age children, your household is likely bustling with activity and filling up with books and backpacks. There are other households...

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Home Security is Easier and Better Than Ever!

Think home security in Portland and Beaverton Oregon is still about bulky camera equipment and wires running all throughout your home? Think again. Today, things have changed quite a bit, and the playing field has been...

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