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Stay Safe on the Portland and Beaverton Roads During a Hailstorm in Oregon

It may sound surprising, but there are approximately 3,000 hailstorms in the United States each year which of course includes Portland, Beaverton, and the rest of Oregon. The size of hail can widely vary - from golf-...

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Remodeling your home in Portland, Oregon, Beaverton or elsewhere?

If you plan to remodel your home in Portland, Beaverton, Oregon or elsewhere, make sure that the house, the contractor and the subcontractors have adequate insurance coverage. Don't make the mistake of waiting until an...

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Camping Safety Tips in Oregon from Fox Insurance

A camping trip is one of the great adventures a person (or family) gets to have each summer. Our area is filled with great camping spots, some nestled in the woods some near streams and lakes, but most are great for...

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Keep Water from Going Where it Shoudn’t

One of the most disheartening experiences is to find flooding or extreme water damage to your treasured home in Beaverton, Portland, or elsewhere in Oregon. At Fox Insurance Agency, we know you want to protect what's...

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Generator Safety 101 in Beaverton, OR

At some point during this past winter, you may have lost power and depending on for how long, you may have gone and purchased a generator. Some purchase generators for the "just-in-case" scenario, while others use them...

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