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Tips to Stay Cool in Beaverton, OR without the AC on!

Two-thirds of households in America have air conditioners, according to the U.S. Department of Energy - and they spend a total of $11 billion each year running them. Our guess is that most of those households (which may...

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Keep Your Beaverton Oregon Garden Green, Your Water Bill Low

Abnormally dry conditions - and, in some cases, severe droughts - are affecting a large part of the country, making smart water usage critical for everyone from farmers to homeowners. But, even if your region isn't...

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Getting Your Boat Out of Storage and Into the Water in Oregon

Summer is almost here in Oregon, and you're ready to get out on the water. But, is your boat ready? Even if you've kept it properly stored for the winter and protected from the elements, there are still a number of...

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Summer’s Coming – What to Do With the Kids in Beaverton Oregon?

It's the age-old question that parents in Oregon face every year: How do we keep the kids occupied this summer? Well, there are always the biggies, such as theme parks or camping. But, with work and other obligations...

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5 Questions to Ask When Buying a Car for Your Graduate

It's hard to believe your child is already graduating, much less getting ready to head off to college or join the workforce - first grade seems like just yesterday, after all. You've worked hard to put your kids in a...

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