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Slow Down Oregon Drivers, Save Money... and Lives!

How many times has the following happened to you? You're speeding down a local highway when you spot an Oregon State highway patrol car. You quickly hit the brakes and slow down, relieved that you didn't get caught ......

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Know and Avoid the Most Common Causes of Car Accidents

Taking a road trip is a grand American tradition, particularly once we escape the winter doldrums here in Oregon and the days start getting a little sunnier. Too many drivers, however, also take part in some other "...

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Time To Spring Into Home Maintenance Mode in Portland Oregon

Spring is a time for rejuvenation, and, as the weather gets warmer here in Portland and Beaverton, Oregon, and the days grow longer, there's a positive energy in the air. Many people decide it's the perfect time for...

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Spring Maintenance for Your Portland Oregon Home

When springtime rolls around in Portland and Beaverton Oregon, almost everyone thinks of cleaning. That's fine (we probably all need to do a little more of that, after all), but there's something even more important to...

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Stop Wasting Energy, Start Lowering Your Winter Bills

Cold weather and short days mean high energy bills for most of us. But, even as you turn up the heat and turn on more lights, you can still find ways to lower your bills while keeping your Portland area home cozy. To...

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